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The Silk Road extended over 8,000 kms from China through Central Asia to the Mediterranean. Silk was just one of the many products traded for 1,400 years, but the route also acted as a highway for beliefs, ideas, inventions and art.

The domestic styles of the 20th century range from Art Nouveau and Art Deco to Modernism, with each decade making a definable contribution. This lecture looks at the development of the domestic interior through those decades, with reference to both avant garde and mass market ideas.

An extraordinary story of Paul Gauguin and part the magical vision he conjured of Breton, Tahitian and Marquesan life. Fired by his relentless pursuit of the authentic, he created an image of a far away world where everything was innocent and fragrant – Noa Noa. Interwoven into this is the story of my own role in the quest to authenticate two supposed “Gauguin” paintings, together worth over 11million pounds. A salutary tale of the contemporary art market and role that the innocent art historian plays within what is a very wonderful and murky business.

An overview of what Freemasonry is as an organization combined with various exterior and interior features of the United Grand Lodge of England, the ceremonial and administrative headquarters of Freemasonry in England and Wales. Otherwise known as The Freemasons’ Hall, the building possesses several Art Deco features.