31st May 2021 - In-person lecture

Jennifer Turpin: Response to Place; Art and the Environment - the Artwork of Turpin + Crawford Studio

A journey through the kinetic environmental artworks of Australian public artists Jennifer Turpin + Michaelie Crawford through videos and images of their environmentally responsive artworks. Playful, contemplative or mesmerizing the artworks will show how nature’s elemental energies can activate and transform the everyday life in our cities and towns.

28th June 2021 - In-person lecture

Ms Kathleen Olive: Norman Magnificence in Sicily

It is often assumed that the art and architecture of Norman southern Italy should be strongly tied to the invaders’ own French or adopted Italian influences. In this lecture, Kathleen investigates the Islamic and Byzantine models for Sicily’s imposing monuments. Considering Palermo’s glittering Palatine Chapel, for example, or Cefalu’s imposing cathedral we uncover the values and taste of the Normans in Sicily

26th July 2021 - In-person lecture

Peter Stutchbury: Patterns Inform Placemaking

Place making begins with an understanding of ‘place’ – place is a composition of climatic and or human factors that respond to land conditions. A Place has an undercurrent and an overlay and is defined by human understanding – Making is the physical act of formation, primarily defined by culture and comfort.

30th August 2021 - In-person lecture

Susannah Fullerton: Literary England - Top Ten Places

Discover the ‘England of English Literature’ and join Susannah Fullerton as she reveals her ‘Top Ten’ places in England that are connected with writers and great works of literature. You will visit a library, houses large and small, churches, a graveyard and an ancient charitable institution. You will travel from the gentle countryside of southern England, up to more dramatic northern landscapes.

27th September 2021 - In-person lecture

Gavin Fry: Four Who Went to War

This lecture looks at the first four Australian artists commissioned as Official War Artists in World War II. William Dargie, Harold Herbert, Ivor Hele and Murray Griffin made a significant contribution to our understanding of the experiences of Australian service personnel in the early years of the war. They were very different characters, each with their own approach to a great artistic challenge. The lecture discusses the way in which they were selected, their experiences at the front and the work they produced.

1st November 2021 - In-person lecture

Ron Ramsey: Venice, the Perfect setting for Love, Sex and Death

Whilst known as La Serenissima, Venice can be anything but…a city simply like no other, it continues to fascinate and draw to it an audience ready to be immersed in its many offerings. Whilst some read its sinking back into the sea as a metaphor for death and its ultimate demise, others see Venice as a resilient and romantic escape. This talk explores the carnal more than the Carnevale and cites examples of the colourful characters who have been drawn to it for love, sex and or to die.

February 2021 - Digital

Mr Ian Swankie: Pots and Frocks

Best known for his outlandish appearances dressed as his feminine alter ego, Claire, Grayson Perry is now a core part of the art establishment, a Turner Prize winner, Royal Academician, popular broadcaster and colourful character. He’s possibly one of the world’s best-known contemporary artists. His works of ceramics, textiles, tapestries and prints are highly sought after. Often controversial, he tackles difficult subjects in a poignant yet witty way and holds a mirror up to society. This talk will examine Grayson Perry’s work, his exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions, and the unique character inside the flamboyant frocks.

15 March 2021 - In person lecture

Julian Bickersteth: Frayed at the Edges

Julian Bickersteth has spent the last 30 years conserving some of Australia’s great collections and icons as well as working on international sites such as the historic huts of Antarctica. This wide ranging and heavily illustrated lecture will tell the stories behind some of these projects and also discuss more broadly some of the challenges of art conservation.

26 April 2021 - In person lecture

Ms Julie Ewington: Four women - Artists at the Venice Biennale

Simryn Gill (2013), Fiona Hall(2015), Tracey Moffet(2017) and Angelica Mesiti(2019) have been shown in the Australian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. As well as tracing their sophisticated practices, we ask what is the significance and the outcome of this hotly contested opportunity in Venice? What does it mean to ‘represent’ one’s country in an art exhibition? Why is it that the recently selected artists are women?