ADFAS Membership

ADFAS is an organisation run by volunteers working at a professional level

There are 37 Societies in Australia with a total of over 6400 members

Each Society hears six overseas lecturers each year, and, in Newcastle, two Australian lecturers plus our own Newcastle Lecture, presented by someone of significance to Newcastle.

Lecture topics over the years have covered cultures from well over forty different countries

ADFAS doesn’t just arrange lecture tours – ADFAS Societies gave over $90,000 last year to promote Young Arts programs in Australia

In addition to supporting local young artists and performers, the Association of ADFAS supports artistic and cultural projects at a national level … such as:

  • Patricia Robertson Scholarship for conservators
  • Schools of Arts/Mechanics Institutes program to make on online record of their history and significance
  • Church recording and church studies to better appreciate the history and contents of historic church buildings