Special Interest Mornings

Special Interest Mornings (SIMs) are an in depth treatment of a specific topic that is quite separate to the night time lectures.

To attend a SIM download the application form by clicking on an image. The cost for a SIM is $50.

The Special Interest Meetings are held at 10am at;
The Newcastle Club,
40 Newcomen St.,
Newcastle NSW 2300.

25th March 2019 at the Newcastle Club (10am)

Dr Jacqueline Cockburn: Surealism

  1. The Origins of Surrealism

During this study day, we will consider paintings, objects, photographs, drawings and collage exploring the many exploratory ways artists experimented to make visible and tangible sense of the invisible or subliminal world. This half study day will begin with a look at artists and writers who influenced the Surrealists going all the way back to Bosch’s extraordinary visions and awareness of another world.

2. Surrealism and its Legacies

This lecture begins with a study of Degas’ 14-year-old dancer and ends with contemporary TV series. Through Surrealist objects it will be argued that the legacy of Surrealism lives on today and that many of the preoccupations of the artists and the way they voiced them visually has resonances in our contemporary world.

30th September 2019 at the Newcastle Club (10am)

Mr Colin Davies: Thinking about Architecture

Architecture is usually discussed in terms of styles and periods – Romanesque, Gothic, Classical, Baroque, Georgian, Modernist, High Tech and so on. This lecture looks at architecture differently, not as an isolated discipline but in relation to the many other ways we human beings understand and come to terms with the world around us. Abstract concepts like ‘language’, ‘form’, ‘truth’ and ‘nature’ are mental tools that can help us to think more clearly about the buildings and cities we live in. Is a Gothic cathedral more ‘organic’ than a classical temple? Should buildings be ‘honest’ in their structure and their use of materials? Is there a relationship between architectural proportion and musical harmony? These are some of the questions posed during the special interest day.