Special Interest Mornings

Special Interest Mornings (SIMs) are an in depth treatment of a specific topic that is quite separate
to the night time lectures.

The Special Interest Mornings are held at 10am at;
The Newcastle Club,
40 Newcomen St.,
Newcastle NSW 2300.

Booking is essential (cost $55). Click on the image to go to the SIM Booking Form.

27th March 2023 at the Newcastle Club (10am)

Alan Read: Denys Lasdun & National Theatre

The architecture of the Royal National Theatre divides opinion so much that it once appeared twice in a poll of the buildings of London – in the top ten best and the top ten worst. Famously, Prince Charles once described it as a nuclear bunker. Was he right? The lecture looks at the life and work of Denys Lasdun but focuses on the National Theatre and pleads for an appreciation of the austere beauty of this architectural masterpiece.

28th August 2023 at the Newcastle Club (10am)

Chloe Sayer: Mexican Art & Culture - Ancient & Modern

Before the Spanish Conquest of 1519, numerous civilisations rose and fell. The great cities of the Maya, the Aztecs, the Zapotec and the Mixtec were peopled by muralists, sculptors in stone, ceramic artists, feather- and gold-workers, jewellers, weavers, and painters of sacred books.

Colonisation brought Christianity to Mexico: exquisite churches and vast cathedrals were built to celebrate the new faith. The Colonial period also saw the introduction of materials such as wool and silk, an increased emphasis on embroidery, and new techniques such as treadle-loom weaving and beadwork.