Special Interest Meetings

Special Interest Meetings (SIMs) are an in depth treatment of a specific topic that is quite separate to the night time lectures.

The Special Interest Meetings are held at 10am at;
The Newcastle Club,
40 Newcomen St.,
Newcastle NSW 2300.

19th March 2018 at the Newcastle Club (10am)

Christopher Bradley (NADFAS): Treasures of the Silk Road

The Silk Road extended over 8,000 kms from China through Central Asia to the Mediterranean. With the Greek invasion of Alexander the Great, early Persian routes spread East towards India, until stability finally allowed the Chinese to trade silk, jade and ceramics in exchange for horses, pearls and gold. Silk was just one of the many products traded for 1,400 years, but the route also acted as a highway for beliefs, ideas, inventions and art.

Buddhism spread throughout Western China and there are wonderful paintings from the Magao caves at Dunhuang and the ‘Caves of the Thousand Buddhas’ at Bezeklik in the Flaming Mountains. Central Asia was the main link with the West where many trading cities became wealthy and important centres for the arts. Samarkand and Bukhara are the beginning of the great Islamic buildings that continue through Persia and further west. The Roman Empire was the destination of silk and all the other commodities which eventually arrived at the Mediterranean coast. Along the way of this great journey we will see traditional murals, ceramics, statues, carpets, architecture, mosaics, tile-work, rock-carvings and of course, silk itself.

28th May 2018 at the Newcastle Club (10am)

Anne Sebba (NADFAS): American Women in British Society

This half interest day combines the two lectures described above; ‘That Women or Duchess of Style – Time to reassess Wallis Simpson’ and ‘Jennie Churchill: Winston’s American Mother; Style Icon or Ambitious Seductress?’