ADFAS Newcastle

ADFAS Newcastle is relevant to anyone interested in the arts and is open to everyone. Lectures are approximately of one hour duration and lecture topics include Fine Arts, Painting, Indigenous Art, Sculpture, Architecture, Archaeology, Photography, Literature, Garden design, Music, Silver, China, Rugs, Glassware, Mosaics and more. ADFAS Newcastle provides for its members a yearly programme of nine illustrated early evening lectures given by accredited and expert overseas and Australian lecturers, and delivered in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Two special interest mornings are held so that topics can be examined in more detail. An excursion to an exhibition or place of interest is also arranged during the year.

Lectures are held in the Hunter Theatre Hunter School of Performing Arts Lambton Road Broadmeadow at 6.30pm. Every lecture and Special Interest Morning occurs on a Monday.


What’s on in Newcastle

ADFAS was first established in Sydney in 1985 and was inspired by the National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts (NADFAS) in the UK. There is now an extensive network of local ADFAS societies across regional and metropolitan Australia, including Newcastle.

ADFAS is relevant to anyone with a broad interest in the arts and is open to everyone. No prior knowledge required.ADFAS societies present a series of quality lectures by leading UK and Australian experts. Each lecture is followed by light refreshments and a convivial social forum. Check out our 2016 lectures and learn more about:

  • Fine art paintings
  • Indigenous art
  • Sculpture
  • Architecture
  • Fashion


  • Photography
  • Literature
  • Garden Design
  • Music
  • Ballet

ADFAS members enjoy an annual program of illustrated lectures which promote deeper understanding of art history and explore contemporary art movements.

ADFAS encourages young people to develop their creativity through a range of grants, awards and scholarships.

ADFAS offers overseas travel with a cultural tours specialist.

ADFAS volunteers document and share the rich history of heritage buildings in the community.