School of Arts 


East Maitland Literary Institute

Tighes Hill School of Arts

ADFAS Newcastle is a participant in the Association of ADFAS project to research and record the history and stories of local School of Arts and Mechanics’ Institute buildings in the region.

These buildings are found both in abandoned Hunter villages as well as our towns, cities and suburbs. They provided Hunter communities with a focus for the ceremonies that made up their lives.  They offered educational opportunities and were often the only place women could be educated above primary school.  Some evolved into free public libraries and the technical colleges we now know as TAFE.

ADFAS Newcastle’s working group to record local Schools of Arts have completed the following reports on buildings in:  East Gresford; Gresford; Merewether; Minmi; Plattsburg; Tighes Hill; Wallsend 1; Wallsend 2; Stroud and Wickham.  Others are underway.  All completed reports are available on-line.