Young Arts

Through the Young Arts Small Grants scheme ADFAS actively encourages Societies to promote arts activities that inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts, an awareness of our arts heritage and its conservation and to expand the horizons of young people through their involvement in creative arts. Applications for Young Arts Grants to support projects will be received between 1 August and 31 August of each year.

Young Arts Projects are arts-related activities for an individual or a number of young people that have been funded wholly or partly by an ADFAS Society. Many Societies provide awards and scholarships while others sponsor a particular project or workshop, or fund the purchase of art materials or visits to galleries, museums, the theatre or an art exhibition.

The support for Young Arts is diverse and exciting and broadly falls into the following categories –

  • Art Exhibitions and Competitions
  • Awards and Scholarships for Tertiary Arts Students
  • Funding Youth Orchestras, theatre, ballet, music and exhibitions
    Funding Activities in Museums, Galleries and historic houses
  • Funding School Visits to Galleries and Museums
  • Provision of Art Books and Art Equipment in Schools
  • Young Arts Committees and Groups
  • ADFAS Lectures and Functions